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Inspiration drawn from vintage mountaineering.
Yetti Vodka

Handmakers Co. put a modern take on classic pieces.

The brand’s signature is undivided attention to detail.
Real Deal Shine

The brand’s signature is undivided attention to detail.

We work hard. We deliver.THERE'S A STORY

Our People. Our Process. Our Products.

Our People

Family owned and operated for generations, our people make the difference in the quality of our products and the special process we follow. Master Craftsmen following in the footsteps of the very first settlers contribute to our unique history.

Our Process

Our process focuses on small batches that are hand crafted for excellence. Innovative craftsmem who know the art and science of distilling create each of our premium artisan spirits. All made naturally in the mountains of Tennessee.

Our Products

Made from the finest natural ingredients, corn and malted grains and the delightful nectars honey and blue agave are mixed with Appalachian tradition. Our spirits are smooth, with a pure, clean finish.


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Distilled Honey
Yenoh (pronounced Ya Know… honey spelled backwards) is the pride and joy of Sevier Distilling.
Artisan vodka
Yetti artisan vodka is like nothing you’ve ever tasted. Master distiller Chris Yett.
The Original
Tequila inspired… Tennessee made. TenneKeela isn’t your ordinary blue agave spirit.
Artisan Moonshine
Our Artisan Moonshine is made using an original family recipe handed down through the generations.

Here is What Our Customers Have To Say

Great experience

staff was very nice & knew their stuff. james was very friendly & gladly helped me with what I was looking for. & the product is just as excellent. a+ quality. will definitely be returning.

Kendall San

Dave’s awesome

Humorous, the t shirts are awesome looking not like any other, big James has got some stinky feet though. Liqour is very unique

Caitlin M

Beer lover

Grains & Grits Winners

Grains and Grits - 2019

Great to meet and sip with everyone at Grains & Grits!  Our winners are the following:

First Place

Prize: You receive one of each of our bottles, Yenoh, Real Deal Shine, Tennekeela and Tennodka
Winning Ticket: 2026047

Second Place

Prize: You receive the TenneTwins a bottle of Tennekeela and Tennodka
Winning Ticket: 2026093

Third Place

Prize: You receive a bottle of your choice, of Yenoh, Real Deal Shine, Tennekeela and Tennodka
Winning Ticket: 2026072

To claim your prize, please call the office – (865) 366.1772