Our Story

Not Just Another Distillery

It’s about the journey of corn, malted grains, and Appalachian tradition coming together to tell a story (and throw a party or two). It’s an education about the history, culture, and traditions of East Tennessee. It’s a family tradition dating back to the very first settlers of East Tennessee, our ancestors with last names like Sevier, Kerr, and Hodges. It’s fathers who left stills and recipes to their sons, of a tradition being passed from generation to generation.

It’s frontier medicine that became something to enjoy. It’s summer nights and front porch sittin’. It’s the leaves in the fall. It’s trout swimming in the streams. It’s the mist hanging low on the mountains early in the morning. It’s a promise that each and every drop of that goes into our jars has been prepared and distilled by master craftsmen who know the art and science of distilling backward and forward.