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82 PROOF 750ml

Yenoh (pronounced Ya Know… honey spelled backwards) is the pride and joy of Sevier Distilling Company’s Master Distiller, Chris Yett. It’s unique recipe is distilled from 100% honey, with no expense spared in the preparation and distillation of this elegant specialty spirit. So raise your glass to the hardworking bees who provide the honey that goes into this delightful nectar. The question isn’t whether you’ll enjoy it, it’s whether anyone can get you to share. It’s that good, Yenoh?


80 PROOF 750ml

Tequila inspired… Tennessee made. TenneKeela isn’t your ordinary blue agave spirit. We take certified organic blue agave nectar and run it through our artisan fermentation and distillation process. This allows the sweetness of the nectar to shine through in every sip. We don’t buy or import alcohol to make ours so no one should be surprised that we’re crafting this truly unique spirit right here in The Smokies. TenneKeela is a premium artisan spirit and a true Tennessee original. 

Try TenneKeela in your favorite margarita or chilled with lime and salt – that’s how our Master Distiller Chris “Yetti” Yett likes his.

Yetti Vodka

80 PROOF 750ml

Yetti artisan vodka is like nothing you’ve ever tasted. Master distiller Chris Yett – aka. “The Yetti”– set out to make a true vodka… fermenting our own traditional corn and barley recipe while taking advantage of the latest in distilling technologies. We super-chill the vodka as it leaves the still, leaving it as cold as a Yeti’s touch. That makes our vodka smooth as ice, with a pure, clean finish. It’s perfect for mixing or just sipping… neat or on the rocks.


80 PROOF 750ml

Ginessee is Coming Soon!

Pontoon Pirate Rum

80 PROOF 750ml

Pontoon Pirate Rum is Coming Soon!

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