Our team

Our Team

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I’m Chris “Yetti” Yett. My Tennessee roots run deep. Col. Valentine Sevier was my great grandfather. His brother – my great uncle – was John Sevier, the first governor of Tennessee. Ancestors on the other side of my family moved to the Smokies from North Carolina in the late 1700’s. They were frontier distillers and farmers just making ends meet.

I’m proud of these roots, and that’s why the innovative craftsmanship this area is known for is displayed in every premium artisan spirit we make. As the owner and master distiller of Sevier Distilling Co., I distill spirits that speak to the heritage of these mountains my family and I have called home for generations. That’s what makes Sevier Distilling Co. unique. If you see my signature on the bottle, you know it was fermented, distilled, and bottled by us right here in The Great Smoky Mountains.

I’m happy to welcome you to my distillery. We believe in transparency in the distilled spirits industry and enjoy educating others on the craft. So stop by, have a drink with my team and I, or let us give you a tour. You’ll probably even hear a story or two while you’re here.

You'll see my signature on every bottle.

That’s my pledge to you that Sevier is setting a new standard for spirits. These recipes, perfected by our great-great grandparents, well, we proudly stand behind them, or in front of them, as it were. I want you to taste real craftsmanship, and to join me in paying homage to those that came before.