The distillery

We want to extend a warm Appalachian welcome to you.


The Sevier Distilling Company traces its roots all the way back to the genesis of Sevier County. We can follow the branches of our family tree back to the families who settled the mountains of Appalachia of the East Tennessee region. The Sevier branch goes all the way back to a patriarch, “The Immigrant” Valentine Sevier, and his son, “Col.” Valentine Sevier, brother of the first Governor of Tennessee, John Sevier.

The distilling techniques and recipes that we use today are the same ones that the Sevier family used in 1750. We’ve just added a few new flavor profiles and started selling the whole kit-and-caboodle to the general public. 


Sevier Distilling Company is the story of a tradition being passed from generation to generation, and the promise that each and every drop of what goes into our jars has been prepared and distilled by master craftsmen who know the art and science of distilling backward and forward.

Sevier Distilling Company is not just another distillery. It’s a new set of standards for spirits.

Our people. our process. our products.

Our People

Family owned and operated for generations, our people make the difference in the quality of our products and the special process we follow. In every step of the process, our Master Craftsmen follow in the footsteps of the very first settlers on the Appalachian frontier who contribute to our unique history.


We’re happy to welcome you to our distillery. We believe in transparency in the distilled spirits industry and enjoy educating others on the craft. So stop by, have a drink with the team and taste some of our stories.


Our Process

Our process focuses on small batches that are handcrafted for excellence. We’ve perfected the art and science of distilling each of our premium artisan spirits before they ever hit our shelves. From the very beginning of the fermentation process to the wax-top bottles on the shelf, all of our spirits are made naturally from scratch at our distillery in the mountains of Tennessee.

Our Products

Our spirits are made from the finest natural ingredients. Corn and malted grains, the delightful nectars of honey, and blue agave are mixed with Appalachian tradition. Our award-winning spirits are smooth, with a pure, clean finish. We take extreme care during the distillation process to ensure that each sip is an experience you’ll never forget.


We’re proud of our roots, and that’s why the innovative craftsmanship this area is known for is displayed in every premium artisan spirit we make. We distill spirits that speak to the heritage of these mountains and those that have called them ‘home’ for generations. That’s what makes Sevier Distilling Company unique. We hold to the tradition of all of our spirits being fermented, distilled, and bottled by us right here in The Great Smoky Mountains.