Free Tour and Tasting

At our Tennessee distillery in the Great Smoky Mountains, you have the unique opportunity to try each and every one of our fine spirits in our tasting room. Our expert pour guides are always willing and ready to help you experience the unique tasting notes of each of our liquors. 

Not only do you have the opportunity to taste our spirits before purchasing them. You can also watch and learn about the process of fermenting, distilling, and bottling the spirits we serve by going on a FREE tour of our distillation room!

Our team is always willing to show you around our distillery. We’re very proud of our hard-working stills and the spirits they make. With each tour our staff explain how every drop of our spirits is produced on property. Staying true to the independent spirit of our Appalachian history is important to us, even down to making sure that all our products is created in an authentically Appalachian, family-owned facility. You won’t find liquor from anyone else mixed into the Bottles of our spirits.   

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745 Old Douglas Dam Road, Sevierville,TN 37865

Map of location below