Real deal shine

100 PROOF 750 ml

Our Artisan Moonshine is made from using an original family recipe handed down through the generations. It’s un-aged corn whiskey at its finest. A unique taste that’s as fresh as the mountain air, leaving you so warm you’d swear Tennessee sunshine was on your face. Made with only the finest ingredients, it’s as sparkling clear as a Smoky Mountain stream. A shine that would make our ancestors proud. 

  • Crisp finish with smooth, sweet notes of Appalachian corn
  • Perfect for sipping by itself, or using to make your favorite cocktail

Moonshine… It’s summer nights and front porch sittin’, the colorful mountainsides as the leaves change in the fall, it’s trout swimming up the steams, and the mist hanging low on the mountains early in the morning. It’s out Appalachian home. It’s the REAL DEAL.