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OUR Spirits

Our spirits are inspired by traditions and recipes as old as Appalachia itself. The first settlers to cross the Appalachian Mountains came from Scotland and Ireland, and they brought with them equipment, knowledge, lore, and traditions necessary for distilling homemade liquor.

Spirits and Moonshine epitomize the ingenuity of Appalachia and its denizens. It speaks of fierce independence and self-reliance. It’s a part of our history.



The distilling techniques and recipes that we use today are the same ones our ancestors used in 1750. We’ve just added a few new flavor profiles and started selling the whole kit-and-caboodle to the general public.

The promise that each and every drop of what goes into our jars has been prepared and distilled by master craftsmen who know the art and science of distilling backward and forward.

Sevier Distilling Company is not just another distillery. It’s a new set of standards for spirits.


Hidden Cove

80 PROOF 750 ml

From the mountains and steams of east Tennessee, comes a true specialty spirit made from 100% sorghum. There is a Rum for everyone, but nothing can compare to Hidden Cove Rum!



Real deal shine

100 PROOF 750 ml

Our Artisan Moonshine is made from using an original family recipe handed down through the generations. It’s un-aged corn whiskey at its finest. A unique taste that’s as fresh as the mountain air, leaving you so warm you’d swear Tennessee sunshine was on your face. Made with only the finest ingredients, it’s as sparkling clear as a Smoky Mountain stream. A shine that would make our ancestors proud. 

  • Crisp finish with smooth, sweet notes of Appalachian corn
  • Perfect for sipping by itself, or using to make your favorite cocktail

Moonshine… It’s summer nights and front porch sittin’, the colorful mountainsides as the leaves change in the fall, it’s trout swimming up the steams, and the mist hanging low on the mountains early in the morning. It’s out Appalachian home. It’s the REAL DEAL. 


80 PROOF 750 ml

Tequila inspired… Tennessee made. TenneKeela isn’t your ordinary blue agave spirit. We take certified organic blue agave nectar and run it through our artisan fermentation and distillation process. This allows the sweetness of the nectar to shine through in every sip. We don’t buy or import alcohol to make ours so no one should be surprised that we’re crafting this truly unique spirit right here in our Great Smoky Mountains. TenneKeela is a premium artisan spirt and true Tennessee original.

  • Clean, floral smell
  • Slight peppery taste
  • Smooth notes of vanilla
  • Hints of fresh agave
  • Try in your favorite margarita recipe, or on the rocks with a splash of lime.  


80 PROOF 750 ml

A recipe as old as the Tennessee Hills, TennOdka is a 25-times distilled vodka born and raised from Tennessee’s oldest and our personal family recipe. With a legacy reaching back to 1750, this spirit celebrates the history and tradition of Appalachian spirits with every sip. Drink a vodka that promises an organic legacy. Drink Appalachian tradition. Drink TennOdka. 

  • A crisp, Smoky Mountain Scent
  • A touch of sweetness from Appalachian corn and regional grains
  • A finish as pure as a mountain steam
  • Try TennOdka in a martini on the rocks with a splash of tonic and lemon juice


82 PROOF 750 ml

Yenoh (pronounced Ya Know… honey spelled backwards) is the pride and joy of Sevier Distilling Company. Being the world’s first honey liquor, Yenoh’s unique recipe is distilled from 100% honey, with no expense spared in the preparation and distillation of this elegant specialty spirit. So raise your glass to the hardworking bees who provide the honey that goes into this one-of-a-kind nectar. The question isn’t whether you’ll enjoy it, it’s whether anyone can get you to share. It’s that good, Yenoh?

  • Notes of honeycomb without the concentrated sweetness of honey
  • Sweet honey smell
  • Clean, smooth and crisp floral taste
  • Perfect balance for tart/citrus-based cocktails
  • Try it substituted for gin in a Tom Collins or for vodka in a Cosmopolitan