82 PROOF 750 ml

Yenoh (pronounced Ya Know… honey spelled backwards) is the pride and joy of Sevier Distilling Company. Being the world’s first honey liquor, Yenoh’s unique recipe is distilled from 100% honey, with no expense spared in the preparation and distillation of this elegant specialty spirit. So raise your glass to the hardworking bees who provide the honey that goes into this one-of-a-kind nectar. The question isn’t whether you’ll enjoy it, it’s whether anyone can get you to share. It’s that good, Yenoh?

  • Notes of honeycomb without the concentrated sweetness of honey
  • Sweet honey smell
  • Clean, smooth and crisp floral taste
  • Perfect balance for tart/citrus-based cocktails
  • Try it substituted for gin in a Tom Collins or for vodka in a Cosmopolitan